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Clem Right - Vanishing Chords

Lyrics :

Her wedding dress was waving with the wind
stuck on barbed wires

She waded through the sea
Wondering how the future could be
& she walked forward to the horizon
Until she sank under a wave of reason

And now when birds
Fly above this place
Their feathers burn
& they drown underwater

Take a look at the sky
Before it’s gone

Clem Right - Heir to your blindness

Lyrics :

I could be the child
heir of your blindness
& I’d sell you the air
That keeps you alive
Because nothing is yours in this world
Neither water nor even the sun
I would turn my eyes away
From my friends
Fighting with the worms
Crawling over their skin
And when the night get erased,
I’ll sell them the illusion of a day.

And I shall not believe in anything
Then I could lead the world
And I could be its king

Paroles :

Je pourrais être l’enfant
Héritier de ta cécité,
Et je te vendrais le souffle qui t’anime.
Car rien n’est à toi;
Ni même l’eau ou le soleil.
Je détournerais mon regard
Loin de mes amis,
Se battant avec les vers
Leur rampant sur la peau.
Et lorsque la nuit se sera effacée,
Je leur vendrais l’illusion du jour.

Je ne devrais croire en rien,
Ainsi je pourrais mener le monde,
J’en serais le souverain.

∆∆ƒ® 04 - §HIFTING / §EASON§

I’m very glad & proud to be featured in this fourth Magic Find compilation beside artists like Tennyson, TenLittleRabbits, ambientsketchbook, Lux Natura & much more…You can download the whole album for free :)

That everything is connected… You are everything… Everything is You… Life is an illusion, a vivid and often lucid dream in which we are free to create whatever we choose… Peace is ours to create…

Enjoy & share

Much LOVE <3

A multimedia project featuring 

  • Kicked
  • the Obligations
  • Dilig0
  • Edouard Trolliet
  • Clem Right
  • Kinsâme
  • swiʌelized souηds
  • me_and_mathilda
  • Klang-Schwester
  • Transmission 13
  • Strange Meat
  • Zeba & Lena Zoldak
  •  Ullapul.

The download includes a video by Andrew Ward and artwork by Bruno Chardin.

Listen/download: Pylon by dhatūrā records

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